10 Day Photo Challenge

Do you feel stuck in your life? You know there’s another way but you can’t see beyond where you are right now or identify the next step on your path? Maybe you’d just like to add a little more space and light and ease to your world?


Transformational photographers Robyn Ivy and Gregory Berg have teamed up to create The See•Here•Now 10 Day Photo Challenge, a free set of prompts, exercises, and practical tools to help you expand your vision and see what’s possible in any situation. Our initial Challenge ran in November 2017 and was a big success. We’ll be back with another round at some point soon.


We’ve discovered that in the same way that photographers can change lenses on their cameras to “see” their subjects in new and different ways, you can change your “life lens” to do the same. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective and we’ll help guide you through that process.


Each day during the Challenge, you’ll receive a simple prompt or exercise that will begin expanding your vision of yourself, how you look at your life and the challenges you face, and allow you to see newfound solutions available to you along the way.


Using these tools, you’ll start to develop:


-A deeper connection with life and those around us

-The ability to see what we’ve been missing

-The ability to see the extraordinary in the everyday

-The art of noticing things all around us that haven’t been noticed before

-A recognition of our current perspective and new solutions that are always available


By participating in the Challenge, you’ll receive access to a private Facebook Group — a safe, nurturing environment in which we’ll each share what we’ve captured that day plus thoughts about what we’ve learned and the shifts that have begun to occur.


All you need to participate is a smart phone with a camera. And though this is a photo challenge, no photography experience is necessary. We will guide you every step of the way.


We’d love for you to join us on The See•Here•Now 10 Day Photo Challenge so YOU can begin to see your life though a new lens. If you are looking to expand your current perspective and shift your focus, this is for you!

Shifting Your Perspective – Our Backstory:

The most transformational ideas often lie hidden in plain sight until we realize that we are already utilizing the wisdom we seek.


That’s the genesis of See•Here•Now. Unknowingly, we spent years learning to see the world around us (and our own selves) in new and unique ways by working to perfect the craft of photography and “see” our clients from a different perspective. Only upon examining WHY and HOW our own “lenses” were shaped did we realize that we could help others do the same. That process overlapped with our interests beyond photography into the realms of personal development, mindfulness, seeing the sacred all around us, and working to bring more space into our lives. See•Here•Now is the intersection of those interests.


Greg’s Story: “The greatest shift in my perspective occurred when I was nearly killed in car accident as a young adult. Having been given the gift of a second chance at life, I vowed to live with no regrets and work to make the most of my additional time in this world. Later, I discovered yoga and meditation and mindfulness and began adding those to the mix of my daily routine and work. Each became integral to helping shape my life lens.”


Robyn’s Story: “I grew up feeling like an outsider. Never totally certain where I fit in, photography gave me a purpose, a way to bear witness to and make sense of the world around me and my own inner world. Photography and my love of travel taught me to truly see how people engage with one another and their surroundings, how they act, move, hide, feel, think, interact, show up, disengage, celebrate, love and grieve etc.


I became aware of the endless ways there are to be in the world and developed a lens on my own life that included seeing from as many different perspectives as I possibly could. My work as both a commercial photographer and coach blend these lifelong skills of helping people reconnect to the truest version of themselves.”


To learn more about Robyn and Greg, visit our About page here.

The See•Here•Now Process:

Whether we know it or not, we are living and taking action based on the existing lens through which we are seeing ourselves and our world. How we see becomes how we think which becomes what we believe — all of this shapes our lives.


It’s crucial that in order to get unstuck from the challenges we currently face, we have to first become more intentional by identifying our perspectives, which then allows us to change our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and therefore our lives.


The See•Here•Now process starts by examining your existing lens. What’s your current relationship to your self, your body, your thoughts, your family, and your soul?


Once we’ve identified where you’re at now, we’ll begin to explore new perspectives on those areas of your life. New ways of looking at the challenges you face. New ways of seeing the sacred where we couldn’t see it before. New ways of moving forward toward the life you’re meant to live.


And finally we’ll work to create ongoing practices that help ensure that your progress continues after our time together is done. So you can create lasting change in your life.


It all starts with See•Here•Now.